18 April 2007

The Sad Truth

So sad.
True Story, too.
I can't stand it.
I have AA.
Adult Ance, {"adult ance"}.
If their were meetings about AA that I could attend, I would go.
It makes me feel very uncomfortable with this AA on my face.
32 years old and my face looks like you could find the constellation of **BIG DIPPER** on on my chin.

AND it's the same size as the **big dipper**.
Really. Not Kidding around here.
I am not Exaggerating about my AA.
What is going on here?
PROACTIV here I come.


*~*Amber*~* said...

so sorry bout the acne... struggled w/the same thing... on a smaller scale.
Saw that you commented on MaraMays 2 peas layout she did of a pic of me so I thought Id pop over and say HI!!! xoxo

sara berry said...

Try philosophy...they solved it for me. www.philosophy.com

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