17 April 2007

Blab, blab, blab...

I got nothing.
Really, I don't.
My life as silly as it sounds is BORING!
I sister, Feliece harassed me yesterday morning because I didn't post Monday.
{side note: Our mom named all us girls very "happy" names. Noele {meaning Yuletide, a song or carol} is my oldest sister, then Feliece { from the Latin word Felicia meaning "happy"} and me, Hilary {from the Latin word Hilaire meaning "cheerful"}...they really do fit our personality. Funny huh. End of side not.}
AND I don't know why Feliece just does not leave me comments here on my blog if she really has a problem with me NOT BLOGGING.
So this is for Feliece, my very cute, fun, wild and HOT sister. {Also she is the other sister that does not need to drink to have fun. We are cool like that.}

How the heck are you?

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