11 April 2007

The Decisions We Make In Life

Selling our Home/Buying a new Home
Every decision in life has a consequence, good or bad with ripples that affect you and others. Do not think for one minute that this one decision that we need to make will only affect us but many others and our whole life style possible change forever.
Peter and I know this.
The "Life's Decisions" that Peter and I have made together, as a couple have brought us here today.
The children. Sidney and Porter.
We need to do what is best for Sidney and Porter without sacrificing our needs.
Can this be possible?
These compromises {which come with marriage} we make today are part of our life because we have children now. When we bought this home, our first home. Sidney was only 18 months old. We didn't think about what schools she would go to or if there where kids her age in the area.
This next home, if the right size and area could be the "home".
The home we have for the rest of our lives. Really.
Where do we want to raise our family? {The biggest question of them all.}
PROS and CONS of moving to Bountiful:
Westminster College is in Salt Lake. Peter still has 2 years of school.
Peter could study at home
Our family loves Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons and the fact that we are only 15 minutes away from that.
++More home for our buck in Davis County.
Both sides of our families live in Bountiful.
Religion {this, religion, well it is the double edge blade, love/hate, black/white}
All of our friends live in Salt Lake City
Commute to work/daycare
{Side note: I have a problem with Road Rage. I have it. Talk about Trucker month. Not so good for the kids to hear mom yelling four letter words from the back sit of the car. NOPE. Not so good.}
I don't' think I could handle moving back to the Bountiful.
That's my old play ground.
Karma. Hummm....

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Kari said...

I being one of "the friends" will die if you make the move to Davis Co. I will never see you. I will miss you. But, it isn't about me. It is about those cute kids of yours. Just move to Holladay so all our kids can be in the same good schools. P.S. Howard R. Driggs Elementary is on the top 10 list for best schools in the country.

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