26 March 2007

Nothing New Going On!

I have no life...
Same old, same old.
There is nothing wrong with having no life...and who's life am I comparing to my "no life" I am not sure but I feel like if I have a blog I should be updating it with fun and exciting things.
I know how up setting it is for me to check out someones blog and nada, nothing, zlich, boring....and boring I must be.

I had actually taken some time on Sunday and written what I had thought was a choice post.
Summarizing my week: Meeting my Canon EOS Rebel XT for the first time, Sidney opening the car door while I was driving her to pre-school, Porter getting a black eye, Peter cleaning my car and me going to the doctor. Sounds like a "no life" to me. BIG SMILES ;D

I have no life.
And you know what?
I am very content with it.


staceyfike said...

sounds like a life to me!!! i have no fun kiddie stories to tell every day so i just have to make schtufff up!!! lol!!!

Kari said...

You have a great life! I love being a part of your life. Your life is {sweet}!

Love, ME

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