27 March 2007

I am so going to make this...

Well, it's not going to be the Swing bag but is going to be the Betty shopper but with that exact material (see below for the Betty Shopper).
AND I am making the bow to go with the Betty shopper.
I can't wait.
Yep, I am so going to make that Betty shopper but...
...it might be in the year 2012 (or something like that)!

I don't have a sewing machine.
That's right.
Yep...kinda hard to sew something without a sewing machine.
Anyone want to give me one?
No, really.
It's too bad that I don't have OCD maybe I could start and finish something within the same year. Wait, let's not get ahead of myself. I can't start this because I don't have a sewing a machine.
OCD, hummm just a thought.
Not that I want to be adding some disorders to my already dysfunctional life but hell, why not.
I am even going to go and buy my material tomorrow night.
Then the material and the pattern will sit in the corner of my so-called craft area and gather dust...
until I get a sewing machine.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

It is a beautiful bag and I wish you the best in your quest for a sewing machine. I can not sew but I do admire those that do.

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