13 March 2007

My Sweet Friend Diane

Diane wrote me a poem this morning about the CARTWHEEL I did for her yesterday...

I was sitting at my desk one day
When a funny girl walked my way
I was on the phone, taking a call
When she did a cartwheel in the hall.

She made me laugh, she made me smile
She makes working here all worthwhile
She's not a clown from the circus, you see
But a crazy girl named Hilary!

Funny thing is often peopel will ask my parents where I came from?
First they say Heaven. Mom and Dad's do that.
and then my parents will respond with, "God broke the mold after he made Hilary".
Is that good thing or bad thing?

1 comment:

Kari said...

That's a good thing. I couldn't handle more than one Hilary! Just kidding! You are the one and only Hilary and I love every bit of you!

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