11 March 2007

Somebody Slap {ME} Silly~~I MUST BE DREAMING

This is the dream part of the title:
Friday Night:
Peter calls me.
He had been at the ATM and the account balance was HIGH!
FEDERAL TAX RETURN had been signed, sealed and delivered to my bank acct.
EXCITED: Loving the wireless Internet. Bank, log in, history...sure enough, deposit.
Adrenaline: C-A-M-E-R-A... La LA LA la lAAAA la la, this must be happiness and joy, happiness and joy. I am CLEARLY singing in a loud, high pitch voice. Clearly. HAPPPINESSS and JOY, happiness and joy. LA LA
CLEARLY: I clearly took my chance when Peter told me to order the camera, NOW OR NEVER. So clearly, I did just that.
SOME BODY SLAP {ME} SILLY part of the title:
CRAZY: I jumped on line and ordered this:
Just like that.

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Kari said...

Come here...I will gladly slap you silly.

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