20 February 2007

Work Place Pet Peeve #1

I have been meaning to write about "this" for a while. It has building up for the last few months and I just couldn't take it anymore and must BLOG about it...

When is it ever a great time to start a BLOG post about the aroma of POOP?
Never...but I am going to talk about it right now.
So please if you don't want to hear about this...don't read on!

WHEN PERSONS POOP in a bathroom that is shared with fellow employees, please follow the golden rule...do until others as others do until you...meaning if "YOU" poop at work (which we ALL do), PLEASE {FOR THE LOVE} spray an air freshener, I spray after I do, why can't "YOU"?
I tried varies ways of "hinting" to whom ever is not spraying.
{I have narrowed it down to two (2) individuals (I AM WATCHING YOU).}

First action going to the maintenance room and bringing up air fresheners for each stall, okay their are only two.
My thought process was while "you" are working your "business" out, "you" would look at the toliet holder, see the air freshener on top and spray.
Some"one" didn't like my IDEA, took the air freshners out of the stalls and only left one by the sink. (Okay a bit ODD!) HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLO!

I can't take stinky POOP anymore.
Oh yeah, this just happened to me today... I hate it when you happen to pick the stall that was just used for "business" and you think that you are, well eating ass!

POOP then SPraY!!!!

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Kari said...

You have been on the subject of poop and/or gas a lot this week Hils. I agree. The stench is unbearable. When I worked there, I was told that having air freshner in each stall was unprofessional (was removed by none other than Ann Holding). Therefore, that may be why there is only one can on the sink....but still, one can spray over top of the stalls while standing at the sink. Let's just hope the poopy person is washing their hands. Additionally, we always had poopy persons from other floors come to the 5th floor to stink up our bathroom. At least keep it on your own floor. FOR THE LOVE!!!

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