14 February 2007

~Spreading Happiness, Love and JOY~

Today, at work, I gave people Valentines!! These were the left over cards for Sidney's preschool class that she didn't need. It was TOTALLY Cheesy and it was TOTALLY {ME}!
I was surprised at how happy it made people feel and the response I received from giving a small and silly valentines. Most of the individuals said that they had not gotten valentines sense elementary school--that's too bad.
I am 32 years young and I will never grow up.
I like to make people feel young.
I love being YOUNG at heart. I HOPE that I never change.
Note to self:
Do again next year.

Peter got me flowers and I was totally surprised. We, Peter and I, don't give gifts on V-Day. I am fine with it and so is Peter. So when I got home from dinner with Robin, Brittany and the kids....TA DA...FLOWERS . Peter had homework to do and I do realize the importance of school, so the girls went to dinner. Robin's Joe is out of town for a trade show (Peter and Joe work for the same company). Brittany's Garret is in China for work, so that left us girls (Porter came too) to go out on a date.

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