17 January 2007

Just another day in the life of {ME}

I feel like I don't have much to write about.
Mo major drama...sick kids over the weekend. Had to stay home on Monday. Apparently Sinclair Oil is not familiar with MLK Day. Trust me I would of rather been at work. Both kids had ear aches and fevers. Work work would of been less work. That cute Porter just wanted me to hold him...the whole day...what sick kid wouldn't want their mommy to hold them...he is only 15 months. Long day but well worth the snot bubbles, coughing and loads of slobbery loves I received. {NOTE TO SELF: Buy cold medicine before the weekend hits. I am assuming I will have the COLD by then.}
Porter is into everything. He no longer crawls unless he is very upset and I do mean very upset about something. He keeps his knees a bit stiff when he walks and looks a bit like Frankenstein. He is so happy when he walks that he loses his balance and falls half the time. He has the shortest legs and I love it when stands over the dish washer as I am putting the dishes away. I look over and see him playing with the dishes and his pants are ALWAYS to long. It just makes me smile. Mini side note: Peter is 6'4" and i am a short 5'4"...meaning 5'31/2"...I was thinking that their would be hope for my children but both children are mini mes.
Porter's smile lights up my HEART. He only has four teeth. The top two are only half way in and slightly crooked. Then his tilts his head up and squints his eyes as to say, "look at me mom, I am such a big boy". I am trying to capture that face in my heart forever knowing that next week he will be moving on to the next stage. He is so different from Sidney. I am noticing more and more now that he is getting older and able to express himself more. Porter is SHY. Sidney on the other hand came to this world TALKING and needed to be in the mist of everything that was (and still is) going on. Porter would rather watch from afar in someones arms, okay,mine or Peter's. I am grateful for their difference.

Sidney was very sick this last Sunday and we didn't attend church. I had been telling her all week that we were going to church. Sunday afternoon she asked me why she didn't go to church and was MAD. She told me how was she going to learn about God unless she went to church. She then told me that if we didn't go next Sunday she was going to be mad at me and that meant "no treats for me".
Peter started school last week. Thursday nights from 6:00 tell 9:30. More to come about that later.
It's my favorite time of year....NOT...the Outdoor Retailer Show is next weekend and then he leaves for Texas to attend another show the day after ...alot of time with the kids...thank goodness for my family and friends that know me all too well and take care of me in my "time of need".
It's late and I am fading fast. More to come but at a later date...now that we have the Internet at home...YEAH, we had to get it because of school!!!!...you will hopefully hear from me more often. I feel like I am at a scrapbooking store with unlimited amount of money to spend. It's some what of an outlet.
Later dudes. By-the-way I have given up on "dude" making a come back. I realized it was making me sound older therefor making me totally uncool. I think I am going to use "gag me with a spoon" and see where it lands me. Like, totally. Gag me with a spoon. I could even pull out my Tiffany tape.
At least it will make people smile. =)
WHY? Because I am a DORK.


Kari said...

I am glad to see you have resurfaced my friend. It's great to have you back. I love ya!

Nancy said...

I loved your precious comments about your kids. Sorry to hear they have been sick... sure hope you can stay well!

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