05 January 2007

Five Weird Things About Hilary

5 Weird Things About Hilary ...
1. I change my underwear twice a day.
2. I horde office supplies and have them with me every where I go. ( I currently have 15 pens in my purse. NO, really I do.)
3. I really am a messy and disorganized person but I pretend not to be.
4. I eat about two pounds of cheese on any given week.
5. Anywhere there is a mirror...I will check my self OUT(I'm so vain).


Kari said...

1. I secretly listen to Christmas music all year long.
2. I can squeeze and hold my nostrils together with just one sniff.
3. I love to drink pickle juice.
4. I could chew 10 packs (packs, not pieces) of gum a day (Orbit BubbleMint and CitrusMint are my favorites).
5. I have a phobia of bathrooms - especially public restrooms.

Nancy said...

I am glad to know we all have a wierd list lurking in our heads at all times. I am with you on the pens in the purse and I they have different colors of ink because black is so boring. Now that is wierd. Thanks for sharing.

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