02 October 2006

Why do I do some of the things that I do...? Anyone?

I believe it was Sunday and I was giving Porter a bath.
I am not someone that sits still very well. Even while watching t.v. I have got to be paying bills, coloring, reading a magazine or painting my nails. After playing with Porter for a while and he was so content in the tub I decided to leave him in there longer. Well, I didn't bring any extra activities to "do".
Can't sit still.
Getting a bit antsy.
Peter was out side with Sidney cleaning his truck. I can't leave Porter alone not even for a second to grab something...That's all it takes, a second...
I see my razor. I look in the mirror and see some unwanted hair by a mole.
Observation while looking in mirror: I am getting hair where I don't want it and losing hair where I still would like to keep it.
Something to "DO" in the bathroom......
Then I see blond hairs above my lip...I shave them...It was so fun...buzzzzzz buzzz and "ta da" instance hair removal. Really, fun.

Lately I have noticed that my hair( {"side burns"} is what I would call them if I were a man) seem to be getting thicker and reaching farther onto my face {I highly doubt that this is happening. I am sure these hairs have been there in that exact place for YEARS but it's just now that I am becoming aware of them}).

Side note: No, I had not been drinking. I just get in these kicks and am not sure what comes over me, it's very odd. I know what ever I am doing is stupid but I can't stop. End of Side note. Men have side burns...Their sideburns have been groomed over the years and they look nice, neat and trimmed .
What would mine look like trimmed?

So...buzzz buzzz I trim I bit off...Now it looks odd but I can't have one side look different...buzz buzz buzzzz I keep going. One side is longer, oh wait the other side is longer.
Pretty much now...I have no side burns. I can't for them to start growing back.

My face feels so SOFT and yes I am an idiot.
Oh well...Peter, remember to love the one you are with baby. I am not changing. In fact, I think it's getting worse with age. Sorry.
It looks a bit funny thought no one has said anything. I am sure no one has noticed and if they have no one has said anything.

Why do I do some of the things I do? Anyone?

Don't worry I was still watching Porter during this whole process.


Kari said...

You shaved your burns? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I do love you! You wouldn't be Hilary if you didn't continue doing those crazy things that you do girl!!! I must make a confession too. I bought Jeff a small, round trimmer for his 40th birthday as a joke so he could use it on his nose hairs, ear hair, etc. Well, now I love that thing and shave the blond hairs on my cheeks, mustache, eyebrows, etc. Although I can tell you that I haven't touched my side-burns. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hilary said...

Thank goodness. I thought I was the only dork out their. No wonder we are FrIEnDs!!!

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