04 October 2006

Caught the "COLD BUG"

How long can this COLD have revenge on me?
What did I do to deserve this?
FOR THE LOVE of Peter...he he...Pete's my husband...tee hee...He married a dork.
That must be the effects of the heavy duty cold pills that I am taking while "trying" to work.

Gotta love the kids and what they bring home from Kids Kampus. This round, well, it's Porter's fault.
The poor kid. Snot bubbles and all. Rubs the stuff all over his face and hair.
EWWWW....and they say only a mother could love that face...well I am him mom and it's GROSS.
It's not like he wants a cold but he wants his mommy even more when he is sick. Yup, I'll take him, snot bubbles and all...
Love can be shared in so many ways... =)

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Nancy said...

Great description.... aren't kids wonderful. My cold lasted 2 weeks, but finally I am better! Hope you are soon.

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