20 October 2006

"Marriage is what bwings us together too-day"

Today I have been married to Peter Merrill McConkie for 11 {Eleven} years.

So, turly, Marriage is what bwings us together too-day!

I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I HAVE BEEN MARRIED FOR 4,015 DAYS. And... Peter and I started dating in January of 1993. Therefore, if you add in all the days from 1993, 1994 and the days up until we got married...that is 1,023. That is 5,038 TOTAL days Peter and I have shared with each other.
I really cannot believe it. I could go on....
Let us see…

This is how our story begins…

Junior High

Peter and I meet when we went to South Davis Junior High School. Seventh grade, 5th period, Ms. Pennington’s Reading class. Peter use to get into trouble and Ms. Pennington would make Peter bring his desk up by her desk, in the front of the room. I sat front and center in the middle row, front seat. That is when I think we both noticed each other, he had the biggest ears that I had ever noticed, just huge…. and I think that is when Peter meet the love of his life(in my opinion, at least)…. ahwww.

In Jr. High it is not about giving the ones, you like gifts…it is about bugging the crap out of you. Like throwing pencils, paper, basically anything Peter could get his hands on…that is one reason he spend so much time up front and the other reason I am guessing is so he could be closed to me.

Peter and I were on the track team in Jr. High. He was a sprinter and so was I…though he was much faster then me…well, I can remember what year but I believe that it would have to be 7th or 8th grade. After track practice was over, I was waiting on the bench by the trophies for dad to come and pick me up and Peter came and sat by me. I am not sure how it happened but we kissed that day on the bench after track. Now, what we said after we kissed was funny…Peter said something like, please do not tell my girlfriend (Kandi Savage) and I told him not to tell my boyfriend (Brandon Campbell).

Let us see there was a time after a Stake Dance that Peter and I went and sat on the grass…well we kissed once again, okay made out. Now the part after this…well let’s say that I don’t remember his part of the story but he allegedly calls me many times after we made out and I basically tell him that it was a one time thing…like I could remember something like that. I recall nothing of the sort.

High School

My next memory of his was our 10th grade, 4th period History, Mr. Bell’s class…all I can remember is that he was in that class.I dated Brandon Campbell on and off from 9th grade until the end of our junior year at Woods Cross High. In addition, I think you can tell by this long love story of Peter and mine that it was Peter I had my eye on the whole time. I was just waiting for him to grow into those ears of his.

Senior year…1st Semester, 1st period, English, Mrs. Bogart. Who is the right mind has assigned seating when you are in High School? Well, Mrs. Bogart did. In addition, why were their no other last names between Holbrook and McConkie? I guess you could take it as yet, another “sign”. Peter sat right behind me…and he would flip his pencil throw my hair.

I would just ignore (while fluming to my self) him and after so many days and a few weeks of this I finally turned around and ask him what I had to do, to make him stop…his response was “go out with me”. Such a simple thing you would think. This is where our story begins…
Peter and I have always had some sort of attraction for each other. Something that keep us coming together.

I cannot speak for Peter but I know that he is the only one for me. I think God knew that we needed each other and keep the "signs" there for us to remember that. That also means that God knew that our Sweet Spunky Sidney and Cute little Porter boy would come into our lives, our home and that we were meant to be their parents...I hope that I am fulfilling Gods dreams and that I am becoming the person that I have the potential to be as a parent to my children as well as a wife to Peter.

Happy Anniversary Peter.
I ~heart~ you!


Kari said...

Sniff, sniff, just a minute while I blow my nose. Okay, what a sweet love story Hilary. I've heard it before but it get's better with the years. I can't believe you can remember teachers, classes, semesters, etc. That was a LONG time ago! Tee Hee! I wish I had a beautiful love story to tell my child.

You are a fabulous person who is caring, loving, thoughtful and special. You are an attentive wife and I know how much you care for Peter. Your souls were meant to be together and now as parents, you can share in the joy of spunky Sid and sweet Porter McSnorter. Keep up the good work and remember there will be sweet moments and bittersweet moments but always remember to enjoy today, for you never know what will surprise you for tomorrow! LIFE IS SWEET! I love you my friend and Happy 11th Anniversary to you both!


Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing "your" story. May God continue to bless your marriage. Happy Anniversary!

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