19 October 2006

I have OCSD!!!!!

Obsessive Compulsive Scrapbooking Disorder
Hi, my name is Hilary and I am/have OCSD...Obsessive-Compulsive Scrapbooking Disorder.

{If this is what a AA meeting is about, then I am in one right now...this is my confession. My addiction}!
This defines {ME} and what I am thinking about most of my months, weeks, days, nights, hours, minutes and seconds in my {LIFE}.
Description of an OCSD:
The patient experiences illogical and irresistible urges to scrap all say long. She experiences withdrawal symptoms at all times during which she is not engaged in the act of scrapping. Focusing on other activities at work, at home or with friends, actually anywhere (get the picture) etc., is difficult as all thoughts drift back to scrapbooking. The patient experiences obsessive impulses to check and recheck websites constantly for the fear of missing a newly posted lay out or to see if comments have been posted on her lay outs. The prognosis is bad, dang bleaking bad...there is only one known antidote for this disorder and that is to to {SCRAPBOOK}!!!!!!!!
THIS IS MY BRian on OCSD: I can't handle working all I want to do is scrap ohhh that would be a great idea for a lo what a cute face let me take a picture of thatItalic...I need that paper like a need a hole in my head but I got to have it...my family will be fine without milk until I get paid but I need that damn paper...hahahahahhaha

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Kari said...

I have OCSD too!

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