28 June 2006

fun pictures of the kids

So this is Porter back in April...he is such a great kid... and has gotten so much bigger. He will be nine months in July(which is this week) and he has NO INTEREST in crawling. He has no interest in even getting onto his hands and knees. He is happy sitting and rolling back and forth...that's it.
Now I have one of each, sugar and spice.
Porter is Sugar and I am assuming you can guess who is the SPICE, the spice of my life.
Sidney just started a new day care. He has been at a "in home day care" for over three and a half years. She will be four on the 12th of July and I needed to put her into a pre-school to get her ready for school in about a years time...it's been a hard month. Maybe soon I will go into the details...
Have a great day. I am trying too. See ya all!!!

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