16 February 2006

Fridays' Eve

Friday's Eve...another reason to start drinking before the weekend "officially" comes. It's like Christmas Eve but better, comes 52 times a year, once a week and it gives you the permission to party. (Those who know me would think this if funny. I have a four month old--like I party any more). I love Friday's Eve--don't you?

A few thoughts...
No one reads my blog
I love the world frosted with snow
Things fresh and new
scottie dogs
Sidney's smile
the gym
I feel fat today...hummm a few thoughts on that. {Kari this if for you--I am not fat. I am beautiful.}
While I love motherhood, I wish I could get on top of the weight thing and the energy thing...seems like an endless battle...I know it isn't any consolation to know I'm not alone, because when it comes right down to it, we are alone in the daily grind of it...Hilary is the only one that can go to the gym, Hilary is the only one that can eat healthy---talk about discipline!
To everyone and anyone out there...have a good one.

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