13 December 2007

Yipppeee...it's here. FINALLY

I have been checking every single day this month...yesterday it was finally up on Barney's site.
Barney Cam VI: "Holiday in the National Parks"
Once you get to Barney's site from the link above, look over on the right hand side you will see a picture of Barney...click on "Watch the Latest Barney Cam".
Who doesn't love a Scottie in a movie? Anyone?
I must add after watching this years movie...last years Holiday movie was much better then this years. It's not Barney's fault he had a poor director this year.
Last night on the news they showed a clip of Barney's latest movie. Porter was yelling and screaming while pointing to the TV, "Look at the Scottie Dog, Mommy", over and over again. Talk about cute.
You know what I am doing, right? Inbreeding Scottie Dog lovers.
Yup, that right. I am inbreeding.
Not only can you call me MASTER but you now can call me an inbreeder.


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Dog lady and publisher said...

Thanks for letting us know that the Old Navy jackets stand up. If you get a photo, plz let me know and we'll link it.

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