14 December 2007

I Just Can't Seem To Get Enough of...SCOTTIES

...looking at Scotties makes me think of my two Scotties at home, both of which have vet appointments in the morning. Molly is ready for the next series of shots for being a puppy eh--poor puppy and Duncan...poor, poor Duncan, he has this growth on the side of his neck. Peter and I noticed it about a month ago and in the past week it has doubled in size.
For the love of Scotties. I sure do love them. How could you not?
Molly's latest "victims" in the house...she chewed through the cord on my heating pad. Ate half of the Velcro tab on Porter's winter coat, around the arm cuff. Hummm...seems like that is all I can think of at the time... Not to bad. You would think with all the dog toys and dog bones around the house that Molly wouldn't need to chew on other household items. Apparently not. I will not start with the digging in the back yard until Spring. Scotties are known to be diggers...Molly is a digger. I can already see a few spots he seems to be fond of.
Well, I will update tomorrow in Duncan's growth.
I am off to look at lens for my camera.
The lens that Porter broke for me.
This is the Camera I have.
Gotta love your kids, eh?

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Nancy said...

Good luck with the vet and all of the dog adventures. I really love your camera and you do get great shots with it. I may get a new one for Christmas.

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