14 November 2007


I love OLD NAVY clothes.
I buy A LOT of clothes from Old Navy.
Really, I do.
Currently Old Navy is having their
---ALL STYLES 40% OFF---
See these three jackets.
I want them.
I want them so bad I can taste them.
I want them more then I want
Hootie's hanging
on wall in the living room.

All three of these jackets at
{regular price total $157.00}
Green Fleece was $29.50, now $20.00
Hooded Sherpa (not an actually Sherpa) was $39.50, now $23.70
Long Pea coat was $88.00, now $52.50
I could get all three of these jackets for
$94.20 plus $5.00 shipping
(old navy ~famous~ $5 shipping)
which equals
***$99.20 for all {3} jackets***
I am drooling at my desk.
What am I going to do?


Kairlotta said...

Those are darling. Maybe Santa should bring you the red one. Red is pretty.

Anonymous said...

What size are you? You know if you use your Old Navy card you get an additional 10% off on-line.

I need this info today! Sale ends today.


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