15 November 2007

{I am horrified}

I am horrified...really I am.
Yesterday, the 14th of November 2007 was
I was talking to a friend of mine and we were talking about my Scotties when it hit me like a
Bolt of Lighting {BUZZ BUZZ}
Duncan's Birthday was yesterday.
OHH MY!! I totally forgot.
What kind of parent am I?
{Apparently} the kind that forgets about their most precious Scottie dogs birthday.
Duncan and Sidney were born the same year, back in 2002.
Duncan was a gift to me from Peter. A real surprise and it was a complete shock when I got Duncan.
April 2003, Peter had informed me that he was/needed to go climbing for the day. That the owner of the company he still works for still to this day day, had asked Peter to take him climbing.
How could Peter tell him no, therefore how could I tell Peter no.
Humm...sticky situation, eh.
It was a Saturday. Sidney was about 9 months old at the time.
It had been a long day at home with Sidney. I had run some errands earlier in the day and hang out with my mom and dad for a while before heading home around noon.
Peter pulled into the driveway about 5ish. He had left pretty early in the morning which meant I was (a bit) irritated at him for being gone
Peter calls me to the backdoor. I was in the kitchen doing the dishes. Peter asked me to help him bring in some of his climbing gear. Being a bit bugged by this and the fact he had been gone all day long, I slowly walked to the back door and headed towards the car letting my actions speak louder then words--that I was not happy about helping him--
He told me that his gear was in the back seat of the car...ODD, climbing gear always goes in the trunk of the car...I open the back door and what did my pondering eyes see...
LALA la LA la lA lllaaa
{this is my happiness for those of you who don't know me}
For the first time in my life and still to this day, I cried over a gift someone had given me. Not just any gift and not just from anyone but a gift from Peter, a SCOTTIE DOG.
Only Peter truly understands my love for Scotties.
I already knew his name.
DUNCAN--what else could it be?
I had his name picked out for months.
Talk a stroll with me down Memory Lane:
Sidney was born in July of 2002.
On June 11th, 2002, Peter and I had to put down my first Scottish Terrier, Nick. He was eight years old. I was eight and a half months pregnant with Sidney at the time.
I wanted Sidney to meet Nick so badly. I kept asking Nick to hold on for a few more weeks until Sidney could meet him. I wanted both "loves of my life" to of had a chance to sniff, lick or kick each other.
Nick was so sick. His liver was failing, he had early stages of diabetes. He had jondious, had stopped eating and most recently, had lost control of his bowls--the doctors could do nothing more for him.
Fast Forward--December 2002:
I am home, Sidney is in bed and I am watching the Pet Physic on the Animal Channel. Peter calls me from Britt's place and he can tell that I am crying.
"Hilary, are you watching the Pet Physic?"
"No", as I am sniffing into the phone.
"Hilary, you can no longer watch the Pet Physic...never again. You get all weirded out on me."
"Peter, I miss Nick. I feel empty inside and my heart aches. I miss him like he just past away last week."
This continues for a few more months...even without watching the Pet Physic. I miss Nick.
Sooo...a long story later...That is how Duncan came into my life, our lives. I can honestly say that Porter's first real word was "dog" and shortly after that the next word was "scottie dog".
To this day Duncan reminds me of what love does for a person. Both on the receiving end {me getting the cutest scottie dog ever} and the giving end {Peter truely knowing how much scotties mean to me}...
Thank you Peter for loving such a crazy dog lady and making my heart sing.
P.S. Check out this
P.S.S. Edit...after reading Kari's comment.
I still don't see anything wrong with taxidermy. Those "animals" look like they are real to me.
So whatever Kair. Tee Hee

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Kairlotta said...

Happy Birthday Duncan! I'm glad you don't bite me like Nick did!!! May you rest in peace Nick! Hilary...I'm sorry, but that link has to go...

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