25 November 2007


Porter and Sidney went to Sinclair's Children's Christmas Party Saturday morning. See how HAPPY Porter is while getting his photo with Santa? Now, Porter is trying to JUMP off Santa's lap. Porter still looking oh, so miserable.
Poor guy. Santa, that is, having to spend his Thanksgiving weekend holding screaming children. The KICK and SCREAM works every time, eh.
Now, let's try with Dad.
Can you see how Porter is leaning away from Santa even when Peter is holding him?

Now Sidney on the other hand was a complete CHARM. I know that's hard to imagine. Telling Santa down to the last detail what she wanted for Christmas.


Kairlotta said...

Ha! Ha! How I miss the Sinclair Children's Xmas party.

Nancy said...

Just precious and such great memories to treasure forever! Soak up each moment like a sponge because before you know it they will be teenagers.

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