02 October 2007


florescent lighting in restrooms---why would someone do that?
i swear it makes a persons face turn RED and highlights all the stuff a women tries to hide/cover up
i just left the bathroom feeling GROSS and OLD.
looking close at my face in the mirror was NOT A GOOD IDEA.
let me name a few things i saw :
dry skin from change of weather
zits from talking cold medication and not just one or two but lots of red bumps
flakes of dried burgers around my nostrils from the lingering cold
dry skin around nose because of blowing it so stinking much
dry scalp from change of weather
food in my teeth from eating lunch a few minutes ago
i still can spot my grey hair that I notice from last week
{the grey hair was a tragedy in it's self}
it must be the florescent lighting, right or that I am getting older?
even peter made a comment to me the other day that he felt like he was getting older.
maybe it could be that i am turning 33 in a few weeks and it has nothing to do with the lighting.
i have noticed lots of things changing with age.
three that are really driving me nuts:
(1) my wrinkles around my eyes and on my forehead,
(2) my sagging boobs and
(3) the age spots around my eyes.
"Way to go on NOT using sunscreen when you were younger hilary. way to go."
why couldn't i have been one of those girls that was born with small breasts? really?
you always want what you can't have, eh.
i know that i don't act like i will be 33...that puts a SMILE on my face.
oh crap, smiling might cause wrinkles...tee hee

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Kairlotta said...

U crack me up. I remember feeling this way right before my 35th birthday. Remember all the negative feedback I received. You look great. You look HOT with your new hair color. Only you can see the wrinkles, the gray, and the sagginess. Be happy for your health. Wrinkles are distinguished!

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