29 October 2007

{Pumpkin Carving Is Fun To Do}

*Boo* Spooked Cat by Tree...I did this one.
{Nice Job Hills}

This would be a GHOST floating. I did this one too.
Spooky Cat lite upFloating GHOST lite up
The kids and I went in the backyard and carved pumpkins. Sidney was done in like two minutes and was swinging. Porter was playing with Molly and sliding down the slide. I looked around and thought, why am I doing this? This was meant to be "Family Time" and I was the only one doing the carving. I bought this cool carving kit from Michael's and it came with five different stencils. The ghost and the cat by the tree are two of the stencils. It was so easy to do and looks so cool.

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Kairlotta said...

At least you carved all 3 pumpkins. I cleaned out and prepared 2 and only carved 1. Then I forgot to take pics of the final product. Nice.

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