17 October 2007

*I He{ArT} Mini*

This past weekend...I MADE A MINI BOOK...a HaLLoWeeN {MINI} bOOk.
Halloween-- being my favorite holiday, and it's my birthday the 21 October
(this sunday if you would like to send me gifts...tee hee)
{Who's the birthday girl? I am.}
I loving working the dork card. No one better then {ME}!
~I want Hootie~

This book came preassembled(i.e.plastic protector sheets not the spooky boo, fun filled Halloween pages)--32 pages...and I even cut a few pages out.

...a few more...

Back (orange and black dots)
Front (spooky tree)
Front Inside Cover
Pg 1
(I just noticed that I am missing a total of 6 pages)
This book was fun but it took me ALL WEEKEND LONG...I couldn't stop...The product felt good in my hands and it flowed. It was nice. Halloween. Good Times. Friends. Kids. Scottie Dogs.Rain. Food. Thor. Sugar.home.warmth.spooky-boo.happy.

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Anonymous said...

Warmth???? I'm still not aloud to turn on the heat until November 1st, damn dad for telling Jason about that rule! 56 degrees in my house this morning........and it doesn't help that there is no carpet in my house.....burrrrr....I actually wear my coat IN the house.


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