04 September 2007


Sidney started Kindergarten today.
Peter takes the kids in the morning as he does everyday. While I was driving to work in the opposite direction as Peter takes the kids to school...I started feeling the tears forming in my eyes. My baby girl was starting Kindergarten today and I was not taking her. I was seriously shocked and sadden that I had not taken the time to take her to Kids Kampus.
Note to {ME}: Take Porter to his first day of Kindergarten.
Okay, no more needs to be said. What's done is done. I love you Sidney and she knows that I love her and LOVE is what matters the most at the end of the day eh.
{Side Note: The only reason Sidney was excited to start kindergarten today...she NO longer has to take naps. When she was in pre-school, last week, she had to take a nap every afternoon. SHE HATES NAPS. I don't like Sidney useing the word "hate". I always tell her it's a strong word and to use it wisely. When she talks about naps she will use the "hate" word. "NO NAPS MOM!", this being the real reason Sidney was excited to start Kindergarten today}.
PINK + SKULLS = Princess RockStar
"Mom wait before you take a picture.
I need lip gloss on",
as she flips open her cell phone lip gloss case and pulls out her lip wand.
Ohhh my!
What have I created?
Totally posing for Peter as he takes pictures of her at
Miss Billie's Kids Kampus.

This is my one and only {mini me}--Miss Sidney McConkie

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Kairlotta said...

She is sooo big and grown-up! You go Sidney!

Love, Auntie Kari

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