17 September 2007

17 Things Every WO{Mom} Should Know How To DO:

Every Woman Should Know How To DO:
1. Take off a bra through a shirt sleeve

2. Select the right color foundation
3. Choose the proper people to accompany you to the bathroom
--whenever, where ever...
4. Change purses with the seasons
5. Describe the difference between the colors "off white", "bone", and "cream"
6. {Call someone to} change a tire
7. Mix patterns on furniture and clothing {still learning how to do this}
8. Keep kids busy in order to go to the bathroom alone
9. Prepare an elegant appetizer from random pantry supplies for unannounced company
10. Discuss the differences between capris and cropped pants
11. Get makeup off a cell phone screen
12. Extract the good candy from the Halloween bags without the
kids noticing
13. Make him think it's his idea
14. Create 3 or more plausible reasons to "stop by Target"
15. Make store bought bake sale goodies look home made
16. Drive in the snow
17. Surprise a child by going to 7-Eleven for a "treat" without her knowing it's because you need a Diet Mtn. Dew

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Nancy said...

Priceless! I really enjoyed your creative list and it is proof positive how creative women can be! GO GIRL!

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