20 August 2007

{Surfing is FUN 2 DO}

{Boss Man + Business Trip = ME HAPPY}
Found a {DeLicIoUs} site today
one good bumble bee...what a find!
That's what I get for going to
keri smith's blog because I had just ordered
Wreck This Journal after seeing that StaceyFike had gotten this journal and was loving it--did I lose anyone...let's go back to one good bumble bee...from there I found some awesome 80's stuff... I swear I had a shirt with the same back ground as Lady Luck Rules.
Really I did.
Then off I was to find more and exciting 80's stuff and look what my wondering eyes found but a cute
Hot Pink Lego necklace and matching Lego people head earrings.
I have a gold mine at my house in plastic Lego's and never knew it.
I also found
Mr. Pickles. Seriously, does someone get paid to do that kind of "WORK"?
Why a pickle?
Why not a SCOTTIE DOG?
DUH, Scotties are much cuter then pickles.

FredFlare had some fun and new things.
I also found these funny face stickers that I would love to dress up my office supplies here at Sinclair. I wonder what Steve would think?
What are with Gnomes...? They seem to be popping up every where in the scrapbooking world and I am not sure why. I guess I don't need to get it...it's like skulls and how they seems to be making a come back. I just never knew that Gnomes where IN, cool, on the down low. I am so un-cool.

I thought that this site was fun and different.
Why Paper? Why can't I have a fetish for something else?

Oh wait, I guess I do...Scottish Terriers.
Ohh, that Molly and Duncan of mine.

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