21 August 2007

** PupPy in the HOusE **

Look behind Molly's ear and you can see the
"Brindle" or the brown in Miss Molly.
Sidney was sooooooooo MAD!
~Ohhh my~
Porter just out of the tub.
See the bruise in between his eyes
Porter falling over Molly. Nice, real nice.
The tips of Molly hairs are tan/brown around her eyes.
So CUTE!!!
Seriously, it's a good thing Molly's cute.
Let's see, sense I have been home tonight Molly has:
poop and peed in the house

bit Sidney
I found 2 {two} day old poop UNDER my bed
Molly ate the crotch out of a pair of under ware
chewed on a corner of Sidney's NOW favorite book
{I swear it's only because Molly chewed on this book that it's all of a sudden Sidney's favorite}
Yep, good thing you are cute Molly.

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