30 August 2007

"non-planner" datebook by keri smith

This "non-planner" date book by keri smith has made my MONTH.
Better yet, it made my year.
For those of you who know me...that's big. HUGE actually.
It's been a horrible month for {me}.
Over the weekend and up until last night, I have not been doing that much surfing at work or at home. Last night I ponder over to One Good Bumble Bee click, click, click and click...I some how ended up at Little Otsu. I couldn't believe it...a book by keri smith that I had not seen before?
What? How could this be?
I have been on a keri smith thing all month...looked at everything and anything involved with keri smith {I almost ended an earlier post this month with, "I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen"--only fellow LDS readers will truly understand that one}.

Instantly doing a Google search which brought me to keri's smith blog.
The Little Otsu shop is the only place you can buy the damn non-planner.
Within seven days of me not looking at Keri smith blog she comes out with a book.
For the love of {ME}.

Question and Answer Section:
Have you bought the non-planner?
How many did you buy?
Two {2}
Why two?
One to use and the other to keep in it's "perfect" condition.
How many planners/journals do you have in your bag as of Thursday, August 30th, 2007 at 4:19 mountain standard time?
Five {5}
How many journals/planners do you have at home?
More then I could count on my fingers and toes.
Who is to blame for your planner/journal/office supply {what ever the hell it's called} fetish?
My mother
Does anyone else in you family have this condition beside you and your mom?
Feliece{ thank goodness Feliece asked me for one of them...it let's me off the hook a bit, eh}


Anonymous said...

Hey, the 'Wreck this Journal' has saved my life......I can hardly wait for the planner....he he he....oh the things I 'do not have to plane'. Hilary, you want to come over and have a 'journal party'?

LOVE you tons! Feliece

Kairlotta said...

You and Feliece have fun with your journals. You both are silly. I quite like journals myself, only I don't have any cool Keri Smith journals. I think I have about 5 blank journals with lined paper. They are sitting there with nothing in them. Sitting pretty. I am too busy to put my thoughts in them. I am too busy to decorate and fill them with my life, my hopes, my dreams. How sad is that?

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