14 August 2007

{The Newest Member of Our Home}

Molly McConkie

Y'all know I have a addiction with Scottish Terriers.
I have been looking for a few months for a good quality, reasonable priced female Scottie and I found one today on KSL.
I knew if I went and looked at this SCOTTIE, I would come home with a new puppy.
Peter did too.
Headed to the ATM first and then headed to the breeders place.
9 weeks old today.
AKC registered.
Molly welcome to our HoMe.
Any suggestions for her name? I am still open to ideas.
I can't believe I have 2 {TWO} Scottie Dogs.
Duncan reaction to come at a later time and post.
It's freakin late and I need to go to bed.
I have an infant in the house AGAIN. Who knows how many times I will need to get up tonight...
Love ya, Hilary

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Kairlotta said...

She is so cute! I can't wait to meet her.

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