13 August 2007

Hilary's Needs: {Per Google}

Not sure what I need today
Feeling tired
Have a headache
Peter worked all weekend at the
Outdoor Retailer Show
So I asked Google what does Hilary Need today on Monday, August 13, 2007?
--When In Doubt type in "YOUR NAME" and "NEED" into Google search bar

{ bear in mind that most searches, in my case are for either Hilary Duff or Hillary Clinton-- Should make this fun}:
1. Hilary needs a silly blind date to find a decent boy for Hilary. {Ummm I already have a few boys in my life..I need no more boys...next}
2. Hilary needs to come to Canada again. {Okay, I could use a vacation to Canada. Really, I just need a vacation}

3. Hilary needs to gain weight {...uhhmmm whatever. I beg to differ on this one.}
4. Hilary needs new earrings. {As if my recent purchases at Etsy have not been enough}
5. {My favorite so far} Hilary needs a set of balls. {Enough said.}
After the last "NEED" I FEEL LIKE THEIR HAVE BEEN ENOUGH of Hilary's Needs posted for today!
Not much more can be said after that.
Hilary needs balls.


Kairlotta said...

I needed that laugh today Hilary. Hilary needs balls...in more ways than one. Tee Hee!

Kairlotta said...

I tried it with my name and they were stupid. Jeff's first one was "Jeff needs to fix my cocker." What the hell is a cocker?

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