18 July 2007

QOTD @ Poppy Ink

{Side note:I know I have issues with office supplies. Looking at this pictures makes me "see" my issue!}
Any who the "question of the day" at Poppy Ink was "What is in your purse?"
So here you go:
*21 Pens
*1 Ruler
*1 Calculator
*1 DUCK brand tape
*1 BIC Wite Out Big Wheel
*4 Sets Whitestrips Premium Plus Whitening Strips
*3 Rubber bands
*3 nail polishes and 1 Solar Oil
* Ibuprofen
*Birthday card
*Old Navy gift card*2 Spearmint Mentha Lip Shines
*1 Cinnamint Mentha Lip Shine
*1 New Skin Liquid Bandage
*2 packs Orbit Lemon-Lime*Check book
*5 Make-up brushes
*bareMinerals=Mineral veil, warmth, clear radiance, blush, foundation and one eyeshadow
*Danielle Steel "Coming Out"
*NetFlix Dreamgirls and Flushed Away and return reply mail
*20 Crayola mini markers
*24 Crayola mini Twistables crayons
*18 Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils
*Chapter 9 Profit Planning (52 pages)
* Pink Tissue
*1 spiral notebook
*2 Wedding Invitations*1 sheet of little mermaid stickers
I do keep things in these mini bags from Granite Gear. LOVE THEM. One is for Make up/health&beauty supplies. One bag is for pens/office supplies and one bag is for MISC items. This helps to keep things all together in my duffel bag.
My purse is a MAT & Nat...the extra large Buddha. It's truely EXTRA LARGE. It also covers as a diaper bag and workout bag. It's like an all exclusive item. LOVE IT!

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