17 July 2007

{Elastic Waist Band Lady Coming Soon}

I really like these Denim GaUchOs from Old Navy.
I actually just order them...{WHY NOT ORDER SHORTS?}
Which means:

I am totally turning into an "old lady".
1. The longer the shorts the more comfortable I feel.
2. The higher the waist the more comfortable I feel.
"I FEEL" a side note coming on.
{Side note: Do you see what is happening? Pretty soon all my pants will be elastic waist bands...Yes that's right, ELASTIC WAIST BANDS. I go from carpi's, to long Bermudas, now it's gauchos...what's next?}
3. I can't find my summer shorts. {Side note: Summer shorts must be in the same box as my swim suit...God knows where in the basement}.
4. There are spiders in my basement so until Peter can help {ME} look for the box with swim suit and shorts....I will continue wearing my old lady clothes, ohh I mean my Old Navy clothes.

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Kairlotta said...

Stop talking nonsense!

{ME} FeeLiINg:

My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)


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SoMEoNe LiKeS {ME}: