15 July 2007

~cAmPiNg iS fUn 2 dO~

Sidney leaning over the hammock.
The view from our camp site.
Sidney decides to jump in the hammock with mom.
"Hi, Mom!"
Sidney in her Pink rain boots {which she insisted on wearing that morning}.

Ewwwww! Funny thing is Porter hates and I do mean HATES to be dirty. It was a blast seeing him playing in dirt. Apparently he had an itch by his eye.
Double Ewwww!
So many rocks to choose from.
One per hand works great.
Peter, Sidney & Porter
Porter kept calling our tent "home".
It's the way Porter says home.
So stinkin cute.
Sidney Swinging.
When we got to this camp site we knew it would be perfect.
Someone had made a swing built for two.
Sidney had a blast in the swing.
Had a great time camping.
The kids were great.
The weather was perfect.
Peter and I talked about why we don't camp more often.
Peter and I are going to start camping {MORE}.
{Side note: Or until school starts, the Outdoor Retailer Show comes to town, then theres Peter Texas trip and Liberty Mountain has asked him to go to a Reno Show and then he is off to Colorado next week...yep, can't figure out why we don't get out camping more often...tee hee. }

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Kairlotta said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I love, love, love the last photo of Sid...

I have the itch to go camping now!

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