04 June 2007

It's Official....

Sidney and I have Season Passes to LAGOON. Porter is under two which means he is free. Also means all the rides are too big for him. Not so fun for Porter.
{Thank goodness my mom and dad who watched Porter yesterday while we were at Lagoon.
Thanks Mom and Dad. }
I felt like a KID at the park.
I am a kid.
I had so much fun. Sidney was a great kid. Makes me a proud momma when she acts like she did yesterday...and it happening more often.
Rides, Fun and more Fun all SUMMER long.
My oldest sister Noele and her two kids have gotten passes for the last three summers. I thought it would be a good way for me to "take up some time" with Peter traveling for work and also with him in school.
Also my niece Chelsea got a pass and our close friend Shawna and her two kids got passes.
With this bunch there will be enough help to keep an eye on Sidney and Porter. I will need all the help I can get at this park.
{Disclaimer: These photos are not of me or anyone I know...just fun pics of a few rides at Lagoon}

Wicked: the picture above is BRAND SPANKIN NEW RIDE this year.
Again, again...is what I kept saying after I rode it, grining from ear to ear...but waiting another 25-30 minutes...I don't think so. Maybe next time. It's not like I have a season pass or anything...tee hee.

Wicked Info...

Highest Height: 110 feet high--Length of Track: 2,000 feet long--Speed: 55 miles per hour (THAT'S WHY IT WAS SO STINKIN FUN)--Duration of ride: 2 minutes 36 seconds ...I beg to differ on the duration of ride. It felt like we were on the ride for only 30 seconds. Seriously.

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Kairlotta said...

I gotta ride that. Sidney isn't big enough, is she?

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