13 June 2007

So...Am I DITSY?

Pronunciation[dit-see] –adjective, -si·er, -si·est. Slang.
--flighty and easily confused; mildly or harmlessly eccentric or scatterbrained.

While at work yesterday I had someone refer to me as DITSY.
This person was talking about some lady that answers the phones for a firm in MN and how I reminded this person of her...then this person went on to say that she (the gal that answers the phone) was ditsy...and then this person stopped mid sentence and starting saying how nice and helpful she was...blah, blah...anyway.
I know that I can be scatterbrained but I was a bit hurt when ditsy and {ME} were mentioned in the same sentence....didn't see that one coming.
It's one of those "oops I can't believe I just said that out loud"and this person was TOTALLY caught.
{Side note: I would like to add that I have done this same exact thing-- been caught saying something that I should of not said...not one of my finer moments}
So...am I ditsy?
Ohh well...what do you do?
Moving on.

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