06 June 2007

The Diagnose is in:

The pain is being caused by an infection...which is being cause ....drum roll please....by the root canal that I need to get done.
I have never had to get a root canal.
I am a bit nervous and scared.
I have a fear of dentist which in return causes me not to go to them until I have to go which only makes it worse because I am going because I am in PAIN! BLAH, Blah, blah, blah.
Dr. Lars Christensen is sending me to an endodontists for the root canal. The three doctors that he referred are not on my insurance plan...{for the love}.
Ohhh, get this.
The tooth that needs the root canal well I already have a crown on the tooth.
Do they drill in the crown? Will I need to get another crown? I didn't think to ask those questions at the time. How much $$$ is this going to cost me?
I want to cry :(

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