28 June 2007

Hubby Pete

I do love you and I am trying to keep things going while you are in school. I am not mad or angry. Just tired and worn out--JUST LIKE YOU. I can't imagine having 18 hour days, the pressures at work and then you head straight to school. Don't worry about me unless I tell you OR if you see my head spinning, either or. I am taking my meds and loving our kids to the best of my ability. I do wish I could figure out how to work out at lunch again. But I can't stress about that one right now, to much on my plate and Steve is already HOS...hovering over shoulder... and is totally watching my hours. I wish I could be skinner like Kari. Just naturally thin without working out. I am feeling pretty depressed about my weight...yeah and missing you tons. I see the kids too much. I hate the fact that you have homework all the time and how we live parallel lives. I think we have a good marriage and communicate as best as possible...it works for us. Sidney needs to go climbing. I love your hair on your chest as well as your back. I hate cooking dinner. I think about calling in sick almost everyday. I want to hire someone to mow our lawn. Sidney's birthday is coming and no ideas from you on what to get her. I was thinking a scooter. Something she could cruise around out front on. Porter needs new toys, all of his are for younger infants age kids. Still haven't taken care of American Express. Sidney and I talk about getting a girl Scottie almost every day now. I closed my eBay account. I have a diet redbull problem and know it. I still haven't gotten my mom or dad a father's day or mother's day gift. Our house it too small. I can't find my swimsuit...the real reason for cleaning my clothes out in the bins under the bed. I hate soccer practices' and soccer games. I hate coffee without creamer. I have stopped telling you about all the spiders in the house and now am just killing them. It's bath night. I want you to come to Yellowstone in September, please. I want to cry a few times a week but never do. My car is so dirty. REALLY DIRTY. I want to clean her this weekend. I need to go to Costco soon. I am taking the kids to the zoo this weekend. What to come? These are the thoughts running through my head.
Hotie Hills

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Kairlotta said...

babe! tears are running down my face as I read this. i want to help you so much. what can I do? my heart is breaking for you. can you really do this for 18 more months? you hate soccer games? stop going to soccer practice. p.s. i am not healthy. i am heavy around the middle and probably have high cholesterol.

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