04 June 2007

Amy Butler's New Fabric~~ Yummy

The Petal is my favorite collection...
duh, anything pink is my favorite
{and scottie dogs. Ohh, what if there were pink scottie dogs?!?! Tee Hee}.

I might have to sew betty shopper in some of these colors. BY THE WAY...she came. My sewing machine. I have named her Betty. I hope you can see the reasoning behind the name but just in case...The Bettyshopper by Amy Butler {see picture below}.
I feel in *LOVE* as soon as I saw a picture of bettyshopper.
Then when Brittany completed hers for her Wedding...
Betty (sewing machine) was ordered.
Sooner then later.
Tee Hee

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Kairlotta said...

What did Pete say about Betty?

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