20 June 2007

{5} Days & {4} Nights:

Yep...that's right.
Peter comes home in five {5} days and four {4} nights.
...oh where, oh where has my Peter gone?
Oh where, oh where can he be?
Okay...I know that he is in Germany. But that's about it.
He called me Tuesday at 5 A.M. and I have not heard from him sense.
After checking his agenda I know that he was in...{don't laugh Kari...}
Obereisenbach for his...
Evening Programm:
18:30 Barbecue at bath (swimming pool), Obereisenbach...huh?
Germany is seven hours ahead of Utah or mountain standard time.
If I have not heard from Peter by 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon I know he is not calling me that day.
Peter did not call me Tuesday
It's Wednesday...no call.
Singing in my head...
Love the one your with...right now.
Trying to feel it.
Just trying to feel alive today.
I feel like, I don't know...
...like I have had no down time in...
{5 days & 5 nights}
I am starting to lose it.
The "MOOD" has kicked in.
You know the one I am talking about, don't you?
Yep, that's the one.
It's here.
Be afraid.
Be very, very AfRaId.


Kairlotta said...

Oh shit...what can I do?

Kairlotta said...

I love how you say "Obereisenbach."

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