22 June 2007

2 Nights 2 Days

I can do it.
Peter will be home in about 48 hours.
First thing I am doing once I hear Peter is at the SLC airport and has landed safely.... pop an ambien.
Yep, that's right.
I need Peter's help with the kids and the home.
I need Peter emotionally. Peter is my foundation and my rock. As much as he drives me nut, Peter loves me for being me craziness and ALL.
Nothing more, Nothing less.
Peter is my best friend and understands me completely.
I don't need to explain myself...he reads my thoughts and finishes my sentences. When Peter is not around I feel like my foundation is crumbling.
I feel TRULY incomplete.
I need you Peter.
I can't believe it's already been 183 hours...what's 48 more? A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT ON THE WEEKEND...that's what it is. Odd when you put Peter's trip into hours it does not seem like it has been long.
{Side note: Porter is driving me nUtS. It's not Porter. I have nothing left to give him. Thank goodness Sidney is older and can do much more on her own. Porter is such a cute kid. Rug burn on his forehead and all.}
Not much planned for this weekend:
Sidney has a soccer game Saturday at 1 P.M.
Swimming at the McAllister Sunday at 5 P.M.
I better add more to the list or else 48 hours will seem like 183.

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