08 May 2007

Pen of the Day

Loving this green Z-Grip.
It's today's "Pen of the Day".
I didn't get the mini pack but bought the full size with all five colors that you see in the picture.
I love office supplies.
Offices supplies make me smile.
I hoard pens.
I didn't need new pens but wanted new pens. I have been a good girl-- you know?!?!
Here is one office supply fact about me:
Fact: I MUST keep all similar pens together within it's collection.
If I lose one of the pens, the collection becomes incomplete, therefore unusable, unless I replace the missing pen within that collection.

Here are a few facts about taking messages at work.
If necessary, after I have taken the message I will re write if:
1. I ran out of room and had to squeeze the writing onto the page.
2. If I did not use the "pen of the day". Every morning when I come to work I will pick a "pen of the day". If I had to hurray and take a message using the incorrect pen. I would need to re write the message using the "pen of the day".
3. Wrote something in the wrong place...i.e., cell phone number in business number line. I would not use arrows to indicate the "swap".
4. Spelled something incorrectly. I would never write over the error. Messy=BAD, very bad.
5. In general, looks messy.
You think I am bad...you should meet my mother.
That's where I get "this" sickness from.
Thanks MOM.
I love you.

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