29 May 2007


The Family in West Yellowstone Last September.
See Scottie...family trip we all came.
Very blessed that my parents have a time share in West Yellowstone. I do complain about seeing a lot of buffalo but I still have the best time when I am with the lot.
{the "Lot" includes but not limited to:Larry and Diane...a.k.a. mom and dad, Noele, Randy, Danielle, Chandler, Jason, Feliece, Chelsea, Clarice, Iccas, Chris, Sharon, Jackson, Hilary, Peter, Sidney, and Porter}.
Love spending time with my mom & dad.
I have the bestest parents in the world{Kari I think you did a better job scanning my layouts then I can do with my camera}


Kairlotta said...

I'll scan them for you Hils Bils.

Nancy said...

FUN, FUN, FUN... family time is so special and lifetime memories are made that will remain with your kids.

I have no luck with scanning my photos. I need your help.

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