26 April 2007

Paper Makes Me Happy!!

Really I want these pads of paper(and there are a few more that I didn't add).
{side not:These pads of paper are all from KNOCK KNOCK...it's one of my links over their ....on the right....under Scottie Dogs & Office Supplies...if you would like see some of the other goods that they carry. }
It's hard for me to justify buying paper anymore.
I have TONS of paper.
Really I DO.
~What about the list of "things you must do to make me happy"...what women wouldn't want that list. Matter of fact what man wouldn't want a women to hand him that list of what will make her happy that day. Hummm...there's a thought for ya'll.
~"Who's to Blame?" Could hand out the whole pad just in a day at work. WTF? Idiots...a bunch of idiots I work with...me being one of them.
~The prescription pad...speaks for itself.
~Note to Self...totally want these. I make notes to myself on my blog why wouldn't I want it in paper form...duh.
~Last but not least...7 Days a Week...this would be the visual list of all the things that I didn't get done that week. Why?
BECAUSE I am too damn busy all the time.
Any questions?
Didn't think so.
{Does any one else feel like it should be Friday?}

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