27 April 2007


I can't begin to tell you how scared I was last Thursday morning when I realized I had left Duncan outside, overnight in 30 degree temperature.
Raining and cold.
Duncan is an indoor dog.
I was sick to my stomach.
If you want to
...well I was a freak that morning, {Peter might tell you that's nothing new}.
My eyes were swollen for two days.
I can not believe I am still talking about Duncan getting out.
It was over a week ago but I still get a bit teared up if I let myself do so.
I think Duncan and I both realized how much we had been taken each other for granted.
It seems so silly to write those words.
But Duncan gives me what no one else in my family can give me.
His friendship 24/7 /365
No matter what I look like, no matter if I have the big dipper on my face or if I am bloated and moody...

....you know what?
Duncan does not care. No questions asked.
Duncan represents more then just a pet for me.
He is my companion.
For the past week when every I come home for lunch...he just follows me around with his tail wagging and jumps in his cute little circles.
He is starting to sit with me on the couch a bit more. I love that warm dog on my lap during the winter.
Also he had been bringing his toy over to me whenever I sit on the floor and we play. He use to do that more before I had Porter.
{This is because of Porter and Porter loves giving Duncan loves but they always turn out to be body slams. Poor, poor Duncan.}
He has not done some of these things that I have mentioned above sense before I had Porter.
{Talk about being bitter dude about Porter, eh?}
I gave him a bath because he was so dirty. I pulled out twigs, leaves, branches and a small pine cone from his "skirt".
A few times this week I have left dog treats in his food dish when I leave for work in the morning and sure enough when I get home they are always gone.
:D Good boy Duncan. Good boy. :D
Duncan makes me so happy.
End of Story.

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