06 April 2007


Reasons for being a mom:
I have started with the number 500 and will be working down. If, and I do mean if, I happen to hit "zero" I will use negative numbers. Actually I have not put that much thought into it
But speaking of numbers/reasons of why we do the things we do...I have always wonder where people in the scrapbooking world come up with "these" numbers on layouts. 8942 Reason Why I Love You or 793 times you do--fill in the blank...are you following me?
I am sure, someday, I will do a layout with a nonsense number on it but until then.

Good News:
I will be starting my March Poppy Ink Ellen project this weekend. Plan: to give the beauty to my mom for Mother's Day. Thought Process: is if I start this this weekend it might be done on time...here are some pictures of the project form Heather's Site, the owner of Poppy Ink:

Isn't Ellen Beautiful?
Mine of course will be called Diane...duh, that's my mom.

Reality Check:
It will not happen. I can dream. Funner things, Easter Bunny, coloring eggs, going on the egg hunt and time with the family...{ME} who would not want to spend time with this?


Kari said...

Is The "DIANE" done yet?

Hilary said...

I didn't get to start the darn thing. That's what the second saturday of the month is for...right? Or not this month?

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