19 February 2007

Holbrook's {ART}

...you would think only happen in funny movies or sit coms...well I, Hilary Holbrook McConkie am here to testify that F{ART}S happen to the normal everyday people.
Sidenote: I don't know if you would call me the everyday person but in this story that is what I am sticking to.
This weekend I have not been feeling up to par. I have had a very up set stomach, f{art}ing and stomach cramps. I was feeling so sick that Saturday night I canceled my date with Peter. He had found a sitter and wanted to take {ME} on a date--HOW NICE IS THAT!
Saturday night was one of those stomach issue nights...
When I have stomach issues, I do mean stomach issues.
I can clean a room within SECONDS of letting one off.
I was doing just this {ART} on Saturday night

--or as my brother says--
I went to bed by 8 o'clock--we, the Holbrook side of the family, has a real {art} of doing this, this {art}
pass gas
cut one

cut the cheese
let one rip
rip one
...this {art} would come from my father's side of the family.
Apparently when Peter, Sidney and Porter returned home Saturday night from Noele's.
...when the door was opened...the smell of F{ART}S were released and nose hairs where burned.
I was feeling a bit better on Sunday but still has no energy. I took a nap while Peter and the kids played in the back yard.
Things we going better and I was able to attended Chandler's Birthday Party at Noele's place...well stomach issues returned shortly.
Monday comes
Alarm goes off
The family awakes
Stomach still ILL!!
I let {ART} happen.
No one wants to smell {ART} at work.
I called in sick.


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