01 December 2006

Peter PETER PeTEr....what will I ever do with you!

Here is a picture of Peter and Allan this morning...I think this is the only one he sent me because he told me that he told off his leashes on his ice axes and I was not happy to hear about that...more mixes feelings.
See how there is no rope in that one picture...soloing...Peter, Peter, Peter...I better up my life insurance policy.
Why does this bug me so much? Anyone? I don't think he will ever grow up...heaven forbid, I know I haven't in so many ways. This is his and now mine too. I love you Peter.


Nancy said...

You know Hilary, men are just little boys with bigger toys,they never seem to grow up but never give up on them and pray for them daily. Only God can change them and in the mean time... maintain your sanity and enjoy your little ones! Blessings to you,

Kari said...


Peter will never grow up. This is what he loves. This is what he will continue to do. Just keep on loving him and praying for him. God will watch over Pete.

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