27 December 2006


I am not sure how to begin.
Being a parent is everything I thought it would be in so many ways and yet, so changeling in others. This night was one of those changeling nights as a parent and as a mother.
There is also a point to my title that goes alone with this story.
I also tried to match the color of my font to cucumbers. HA HA
Hang in there please.
This holiday season the daughter in laws decided to take all SEVEN grand kids and get their picture taken for a Christmas Gift for our mother-in-law. We had done this back in December of 2003 when their where three grand kids, Sam, Sidney and Emma. Now, another three years later their are seven grand kids, new additions being, Grace, Molly Porter and Annie.
Pete's third brother lives in Wisconsin and has been attending dental school for the last 2.5 years.{only five months left =)}. His family comes in town just twice a year and we knew that we had to take pictures this holiday season.
Michelle, Brittany and I had been emailing each other on times, places and attire and we finally picked Monday, December 18th 6:30.
We were going to go to Kiddie Kandids because they work with Children (hence the name) and we can get our photos that night.
Now I am a full time mom and I work full time. To try and be somewhere, okay not just any where, a studio where your children will be photographed, look cute and be there at 6:30...is a TASK it self.
Lets look into the details or events that must accrue:
1st thing ask Steve (Steve is nice boss man) if I can work through my lunch and leave early. Steve says yes.
Work through lunch.
Feeling a bit tired but good to go.
Run to Wal-mart and pick up tights
Kids Kampus pick up kids Drive home.
Feed Porter
Feed Sidney
Do Sidney's hair--

Side note: for anyone that knows this spunky girl Sidney, doing her hair is a major event. At this point in her life she would rather sit in time out for hours before getting her hair done. I have to tell her days in advance about the "doing of the hair" so this is not a "surprise". This evening she is telling me that her stomach hurts and she also feels hot to me. Meanwhile, I have cut up fruit, cheese, and hot dog for Porter. The whole time I have been fighting with Sidney about her hair, (she wanted one braid and one pig tale) Porter had been throwing his food at Duncan and was not eating...my schedule was going down the drain.--that was a long side note.
Dress Sidney and Porter

Tis the season to be jolly...
Drive to mall which is 20 minutes away. Jump on the highway and I come to a complete stop for over five minutes.
Find parking at mall during the holidays.
Try not to kill your self, others on the road or your children.
Park, Jump out of the car and Run around to get Sidney out and she is puking up cheese tortilla, milk, and cucumbers.

Sidney sits in a booster sit.
Sidney is puking right on the front lip of her booster and on my back seat as well, the only part of the back sit where her booster is not covering and she manages to hits it.
I am already running late...
Side note: Some of you are asking yourselves, where is Peter? Peter is getting his hair cut, That RAT! The nerve of him and this whole thing is for HIS MOM. {just dishing it out a bit, this was "our" idea, not the boys--"they" would know better}
I ask Sidney if she is okay to go and get her pictures or do we need to go home? She tells me she is fine as long as I pack her in.
Pretty simple request, right?
No stroller, and I have to pack Porter and Sidney in the mall.
I still need to clean up vomit.
So, I do what I can do with the limited amount of cleaning supplies that one leaves in there car on a daily basis:
Yup, that's right, wipes.
A hour or two later, when I get home I am on the verge of madness. Poor Sidney still goes into the mall with a smile on her face.
Porter cries the whole time. Really he did. That poor kid is so shy and then you add stranger danger at 15 months...man you are asking for a full meltdown and that happened.
Their were a total of 20 pictures taken, we narrowed it down to the best four. The critical had to be, no underwear showing, no snot on any faces and we were going for the best 4 out of seven kids.
YES, THESE WERE THE BEST. (Or see photos above)
Peter was nice enough to clean up my car that evening.
TWICE NOW...he has cleaned my car.
...and it still smells like vomit not just any vomit, CUCUMBER VOMIT.
The next morning when I got in my car I started crying because of the cucumber vomit smell.
I am such a DORK!
Today I bought baking soda in bulk.
No name brand at Albertson's.
I believe this is my solution to my car.
If not, I am selling my car.

--Happy Side note:
JoAnne, Pete's mom was thrilled with picture. She had even mentioned to Dan, Peter's third brother how she would love another picture with all the grand kids(she had no idea that we were doing this for her). She was happy which made me happy.
Tis the season to be jolly and yes, it was well worth the events that accrued that evening, even the cucumber vomit. --

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